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Toppers- Do you wish you had One?


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Started my build and was wondering.  After looking at all the hard work people have put into the setup, the New PinUpSystem stuff.  I was saying, Hey Eric...  Because thats my name.  So Hey Eric, do I need a Topper?  I mean the answer is obviously yes.  I have an extra port on Video card, (DVI) and im using the PInDMD v3, and thats USB, so perfect.    I even have an extra monitor so its practically free..  FREE I say !!!   But its a 19" and my back glass is 32" so I might wanna go smaller, HELL, who knows.  Just looking to see how everyone handled that if they did.  Thanks again all.    All my screens and PC are in the living room taking up space on the ottoman. lol  


Cheers all


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