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Monster Bash Hanibal's Style 2.0


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Hi All


I am trying to get the "VP 10 Monster Bash Hanibal's Style 2.0" table to run on the mb_106brom.  It seems (I think) to only use the mb_10 rom.  There is another version of this table called "MONSTER BASH · FRANK EYE EDITION · V2.3" on another site.  It is basically the same table.  I have the same issue with this version also.

In the script it says:

Const RomSet1 = "mb_10"  
Const RomSet2 = "mb_106" 
Const RomSet3 = "mb_106b"

  cGameName = Array(Romset1,Romset2,Romset3)((MBOptions And (7*cOptRom))\cOptRom)
           .GameName = cGameName

I could not figure out how to specify the game to use Romset3 (mb_106b)

I have tried running the table with mb_106b only in the roms folder.  The table comes up with an error message saying it needs mb_10.  If I have mb_10 in the roms folder it runs fine.

The reason I would like to run this table on mb_106b is because I would like to run the pup pack.  Also I would like to play with the updated rule set.

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3 hours ago, outhere said:

Post link for the game you are using

This is the one hosted here on VPUniverse.  The other table is is on another site.  Is it ok to post the link to another site?

I do have the issue sorted out now.  See previous posts.

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