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VPX and 2 monitors - is there a guide?


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After a few years of being absent from the Pinball scene, I have an urge to come back.

I pretty much forgotten how to setup stuff and with VPX out, I am not even sure things are the same.

Is there a guide for setting up everything on a two monitors setup?


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3 hours ago, Thalamus said:

Basic instructions is here : https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=tutorials&article=136

The first line is an update to the guide. db2s server is installed during the one in all install. So, no need to fiddle with it manually. But, the rest about setting up screenres.txt still applies and that is normally your second monitor. Good luck.


The table I am trying to set (Attack from Mars - DT v2.0) doesn't have 'Choose Controller' option when I edit the script.

Is that normal?

Also, how do I set the DMD to display on the second monitor, along with the backglass? (I remember you could click on it with the mouse and move it but not working now)

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Only older VP9 tables - you'll have to changed controller for. The modern - recreations, which you should focus on use controller.vbs and once your standard setup is ok. Then you don't have to do manual labor of fixing such things. So - read my answer again. If you find a VPX tables released over a VP8/VP9 or PM5. Never ever go back to them. The authors have come a long way since those tables where released. Sure. There exists some machines still which are not re-created as VPX. But, by then you should have read enough threads to know what to do.

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No. Controller.vbs does magic. You have to get the screenres.txt right though. You still kind of want to move the dmd. Except, that these days, there is something called dmddevice by freezy. Look it up it basically consist of a better implementation to how the dmd looks. And, also, it has a a ini file. And it uses that as the default for the placement. Yes. It will not fit for all dmd's - there are some undstandard sized ones like baywatch etc. that are not 128x32 in size. And then you might need to make a custom entry in the dmddevice.ini. Documented on github where you download the program. Just search freezy - should be more than enough articles about the subject. Yes. there is some reading, but, it is better for us both that you put some effort into understanding what you are doing.

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