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WTB - Pin2DMD in the UK......


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Hey all - looking for a pin2dmd set up.   Will gladly take a kit or made up.  New or used.

Preferable that it comes from Europe (due to import duty).
Must be shipped quickly (Brexit MAY happen the end of the month - that is another story!).

Please - no posts saying 'German gaming supplies'.

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I run a business.
This is what I do.

I sell an item that is ready to be dispatched.
I package it up, my courier gives me a tracking number.
I email the client.
24 hours UK or 4 days europe - my customer gets the well packed item.

I find following this gets me thru life easier.

Having tried to order from you before twice and had excuses and problems - I just want a pin2dmd within a few days.


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