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Table Wish - Soccer


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Sorry for posting in this forum, I cant create a new topic in the table whish forum...


Im a newbie in Future Pinball and the editor is verry complicated for me.


But as a soccer fan I´d like to see a soccer table:

- 10 TARGETS as soccer player,  1 SWINGER as a goalkeeper

- one or two ramps

- soccer chants (goal, foul, etc.)

- on the left or right side of the table a small penalty playfield with a VARI target as goalkeeper to get bonus


These are just a few suggestions, I hope some can create it. smile.png


@Slamt1lt: Thank you so much for your FP Mods and all of your FP-tables. I love it !!!

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Ever try VP? Here is a soccer table.

Looks great. Would it be possible to convert it to Future Pinball?

Because FP is running much better and the gameplay with the physics mod is outstanding

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Soccer?  You mean Football of course  ;)


I'm not a big sports fan (UFC is the only sport I follow) but a football table would be fun to make.


Your ideas are great and if I was going to create a Football table I would probably Mod Popotte's Space Mission table (again) which has a swinging centre target, perfect for a goalie (just add a net behind it to catch the ball for a goal).  It also has 2 kickers at the side of the flippers which could be used for free kick shots or penalties.  


If you were to mod that table, all you would have to do is add your own sounds, music tracks  and playfield graphics.  The script is already written.  


Have a go and see what you come up with. 

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oh and that Rapid Vienna table that Bob posted on is the bees knees!

it also uses an incredible attract mode I loved that table

and it was one of the first that drew me to vp in the first place

after seeing it on the web when I first went searching for free pinball games

 four long years ago (damn has it been that long already?)

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