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Need Help With This Piece Of Core Taken From Registry


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Do you know what that means:?

 Bumper.Bumper.1 = s 'Bumper Class'
  CLSID = s '{CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5}'
 Bumper.Bumper = s 'Bumper Class'
  CLSID = s '{CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5}'
  CurVer = s 'Bumper.Bumper.1'
 NoRemove CLSID
  ForceRemove {CA8FA6B3-49E8-4D90-BB7F-30E31A4030A5} = s 'Bumper Class'
   ProgID = s 'Bumper.Bumper.1'
   VersionIndependentProgID = s 'Bumper.Bumper'
   ForceRemove 'Programmable'
   LocalServer32 = s '%MODULE%'
   val AppID = s '{15F84EF4-DC72-4242-8E85-E51198DCEB74}'
   'TypeLib' = s '{FB22A459-4AD0-4CB3-B959-15158F7139F5}'


It was taken from the registry.

I guessing is some kind of declaration for using "Bumper" object.

If so, can I declare other objects?



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