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Tutorial: How To Select A Different Version Of B2S Screen Res Configs When Launching Tables Via Hyperpin


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3/3/2013 Version 1.0


Thanks to Blur for adding these awesome features to FPlaunch.


As direct B2S becomes mainstream this feature will not be needed but there are still a handful of tables that either cant or haven’t been made yet so I figured I would make this tutorial.



1. Download latest FPlaunch (Miniumum requirement FPLaunch1.295wip10.zip )



2. Create a text file called CustomB2Stables.txt


3. Place txt files in the Hyperpin/Settings directory


4. Inside  text file pure the following information



VP table name on the first line


5. Repeat as many times as you need. DO NOT put a space between lines.


Here is an example of my setup. Table name. then next table.




6. Now in your VP/tables folder make another folder that matches the table name exactly.

For example make a folder called Star_Wars_FS_B2S


7.Inside that folder put your custom screenres.txt file.


8. Now when that particular table is launched it will use the custom one inside that folder instead of the default screenres.txt


9. Enjoy

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