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Loaded Speaker Panel Dmd Kit

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I'm launching my new webstore VPcabs.com and this will be one of my first offerings. Up for sale here is a custom made speaker panel loaded with everything you need to get your DMD and sound finished. The kit will run $599 plus shipping. Here is what is included.

-Custom made to your specs speaker panel

-X-Pin Amber DMD

-PinDMD2 control board

-Lepai 2.1 Amplifier

-Lanzar Max series 8" subwoofer

-Lanzar Max series 4" coaxial speaker pair

-Black metal speaker grills

-Williams H-Channel

-3.5mm audio jack

-Speaker wire

Build time is 1-2 weeks depending on backlog. I am currently waiting on a shipment of PinDMD2 boards from Russ and they are due in Mid March so I can send everything else out first or I can deduct the $90 cost of the PinDMD2 board.

I will be selling everything as seperate items as well so feel free to ask if it is not up on the webstore yet. It will be a couple weeks until I get everything loaded on the store.

PayPal Email:: [email protected]

Shipping Information: Shipping should not be more than $25 depending on your location

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