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Custom Pinball Toppers

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As many of you have seen from various builds and pictures in the gallery and across other forums, I have done a number of custom LED edge lit toppers for members.

Here's the deal:

you supply the vector artwork for the topper (std size is roughly 6"x24") custom sizes available

Decided the color you want the LED's to be (red,green,blue) other available by special order

Artwork will be machined into the acrylic and a custom base built to hold the acrylic and led strip will be provided

Connection is a simple 2 wire 12v to your power supply or if you are mounting on a real pin then wherever you can tap into 12v, or connect to a small 12v power supply(user supplied).

cost is $100 plus shipping cost (approximatly $20 in NA)

If you are unable to provide the artwork, then depending on how complex you looking to get, I maybe able to help.

image shown is for exmaple only and does not represent the specific item on offer.

PayPal Email:: [email protected]

Shipping Information: price on request

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