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[New VP10 Alert] Demolition Man (Williams)(1994)(Knorr-Kiwi)(FS-DT)(VP10)

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Demolition Man (Williams)(1994)(Knorr-Kiwi)(FS-DT)(VP10)

Here is my first offical release. This table took really long to create so i hope you will enjoy it.
Thanks to mfuegemann, freneticamnesic, toxie and the vpdevs.
Also thanks to clark kent and gigagula who tested the hell out of the table :).


The redraw of the playfield and the plastics are done by kiwi.
Bumpercaps are from mjr.
Flashercaps are from zany.
Currently i use the soundfiles i have recorded from Dirty Harry, i hope i can update them in the future.


If you play my table the first time don´t forget to delete the old nvram file to prevent errors.

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You mean in PinballX setup?

I have all my other tables working and have never run in to this problem Before :(

As I said, running it just with VPX it comes on fine, but it breaks running from within PinballX.

I know it is a question for the gameex/pinballx forums really. Just thought anyone have had this issue Before



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I tried the game manager as I normally fix my db from notepad++ and all my tables got true for all alternatives

hide DMD and hide backglass. Tried and changed the hidebackglass to flase and then the static back glass image now loads

when launching the table from PinballX, strangely not the directb2s BG still. (use DOF alternative 3)


I'm a bit confused but a static is better than pure black anyways. tried to move the mouse pointer to the backglass,

but something is active over it, but just black is showing(?)


What should I look for in the pinballx.log allknowing2012?


Thanks for the input guys! :D

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