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OK after last game - "wheel image doesn't show up" - here is another one.

This time problem is this:

Antar table - "Antar (Playmatic System 2) (1979) (Mickey) (1.1.0).vpt" will not lauch from hyperpin or from fplaunch gui.
(i have my naming convention with same table name and description)
I'm getting error window with load error in title and this funny message: Error loading tic System 2) (1979) (Mickey) (1.1.0).vpt"

Same table loads fine if i double click on table or if i use file open in vp. It only throws one notice but it works.

Table is downloadable from vpf, os is windows 7 and latest vp from koadic.
You all can probably recreate this error and troubleshoot it just for fun.
I know it worked before (with win xp or with older vp exe) cause that's the table on which i tested auto closing of notice window from fplaunch.

I found what's causing this error but still don't know the solution for it.

So in first part of the game - finding the cause - i can navigate you with yes/no questions and after that we can try to find workaround together.

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