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Shaker Motor And Ledwiz


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This is not a VP script change but yeah a DOF config change. For best setup, you will want to look at the table manuals and check out the solenoid layout

Medieval Madness for example:

Shaker: S4 600 I32/S8 300 I32/W37 600 I32/W45 600 I32/W46 600 I32

Slingshot Right: S11

Slingshot Left: S8/S10

Do same for Bumper mappings

So to map Slingshot Right to Shaker, it looks straightforward. Add "/S11 600 I32" to the end of the string S11 is the slingshot right solenoid 11, duration 600 intensity 32 (like the others assigned to the Shaker)

For Slingshot Left, you see S8/S10. Looking at the manual, you will find out S10 is the left sling and S8 is the Catapult, so you can add S10 and /or S8

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I did this for most of my tables, i have 2 shakers , one for the normal shaker and one for bumper/slingshot.

So you can put the sling/bump Shaker on an custom output in dof and don´t touch the initial config of the shaker done mostly by arngrim

also i have the duration on 100 .. 

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