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Hello all.


So yesterday I installed a 2nd LEDWiz in my machine (after updating DOF and downloading the new configuration files). After I did all that only a few of my LED's were working, none of the RGB LED's (except the flipper buttons) would work. 


I opened up my original (before the update) directoutputconfig.ini and noticed it had A LOT more trigger events in it than the new one. So I put it back and now all is working as ti was before (I only tested this on Bride of Pinbot BTW). 


Why such the huge decrease in triggered events from the old ini file to the new one? Am I missing something in my cab that would otherwise drive these actions?


As a result of the reduced RGB LED events I've gone back to using my old ini file and now have to edit it to drive my second LEDWiz and the LED's attached to it. I have a 5 LED topper on top of my back box thats driven from the 2nd Wiz that mimics the 5 LED light bar just above the play filed monitor. 


Thanks in advance for the help guys.

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