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Ok so I've been following this tutorial

http://www.vpforums....tom +animations

which is very user friendly for someone like me who isn't that techie. However when I load it up with the ahk i created the dmd doesn't come up. My hyperdmd.exe is directly in the main hp folder and so I changed that part of the script to c:\hyperpin\hyperdmd.exe. Now if I put the hyperpin.exe and all relevant files into the hyperdmd folder (c:\hyperpin\hyperdmd\hyperdmd.exe) stated in the tutorial it looks like it's about to load but then comes up with an error that says unable to load palette.

I hope I explained this properly and that someone can help


Edit: I just noticed that actually it is running but I have to press f 10 to view it. Is there anyway I can add in to a script somewhere to show it during attract mode and not to show when playing a table

Thanks again

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