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Hi so I've seen the below youtube video

and apparently its a default for hyperdmd I was wwondering if anyone can confirm this and if so how I can use this in hyperpin attract mode on a 3rd monitor.

I haven't yet found any instruction layman's terms so any sort of step by step guides would be really helpful


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No, this isn't default for HyperDMD.  Someone else created that.  HyperDMD wasn't designed to be an attract mode.  I think some people have figured out how to create a video of it and set it to their DMD monitor, but I'm not sure how.

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You're correct Rook!

I've made de default dmd vid for tables without a clip.

For pinballx, that is, for HyperPin you would need something external.

I used an animated Gif as attract id on my 3d screen.

Just shout if you want to tey that method.

Got the files on my hd somewhere

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