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I just downloaded tron and avengers on this great site but keep getting the above script error, namely game name not found and GameName = cGameName highlighted within the script.  I've downloaded sam.vbs and i think i got everything else right.


can anyone help?  I would reaaly love to play some of these stern sam tables



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I am having the exact same problem.  I am attempting to get my first Stern game up and running, namely Tron.


I have ensured that I have the trn_174h sitting in the roms directory with all the other roms.  I have checked to ensure it is "unblocked".


I have installed VPinmame_sam_unity..._unfied.2.08.rar following the instructions listed on the page prior to the download screen.


Still no luck.  Any recommendations at this point?


Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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Got it working. 


Had to run the VPmame Setup as "Administrator" for the new dll to register and then pushed "test" and the TRON roms showed up.


Thanks for your input on this thread, it gave me the tip as to what to look for next and resolve the problem.



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