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File Name: Fire HiRes B2S 3screens

File Submitter: slashbot

File Submitted: 11 Jun 2014

File Category: B2S Backglasses

So here is the HiResolution B2S for Unclewilly's new Fire table...

There is a little story behind the backglass, my friends wife brought this backglass a few time ago for a few euro's (5$) because she liked the horses and she tought the kids will like the picture also.

She did not know it was Pinball artwork.

When she came home my Pinball friend Spikey (you can see him in action on the PinballX homepage video with the F14 tomcat table) has taken the backglass for his collection.

She told me the story and i told her when i make a B2S i'll put it in the description.

Other backglass creators feel free to use the picture.

Also thanks to Itchigo for his nice VP tutorial video's :-)

Click here to download this file

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