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Hi friends, i wanna learn to recreate pinballs in vp or fp ,we'll see, i've seen some tutorials, but i don't understand how to make a playfield only having some pictures of the machine (i have other questions , but they comes other day)

thank you all, Andrew.

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Use photoshop or gimp to create all the artwork - either from pictures stitched together or drawing it.  Try to find a complete playfield picture if possible, but they can be hard to come by

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go visit the IPDB for some pics on pins they have many but not all

 the pics there may be enough to help you get started on a play field

 or visit the other pin forums for someone who may own a table that you want to build

 as for originals we just think up whatever then make a table around our ideas!

 good luck with your build..any problems just post and one of us will be more than happy to help ya'

I use gimp2 for all my artwork only cause it is freeware

and MUCH easier to get into than Photoshop which I also own but never use

the Wall-E pin I got from an online game showing the play field

 the sanitorium pin I made up for an original then redid the pf to show a nighttime mode as well as the normal one

 it comes on using an event... all plastics and the graphics for the pf were redone using gimp for the darkening effect

any questions just post



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