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Vector Pinball (Field One) 0.9

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About This File

I need to get this out, or I’m just gonna keep tweaking it forever.


VPX (10.7 required) conversion of Vector Pinball by Sophira, a VP9 recreation of the first table "field" in the "Vector Pinball" mobile game by Dozing Cat Software.  Updated and uploaded with permission from both.

I tried to keep it as true to the android version as possible, from bigger things like physics and timing down to little weird quirks like the flippers killing the ball momentum.  Compared to the mobile version, it’s just a little bit less floaty and has very minor adjustments to where the ball goes when not in player control.  The ball is still wild, just a little less likely to drain without giving the player a chance.


Options for various things are in the script, with explanations.


dB2S file included in the .zip.  I’ve just barely got a handle on how it works so its implementation is still basic.  If somebody wants to improve the script for a better backglass, let me know and I will update the original and credit you!


The main thing that keeps me from declaring it 1.0 are the message textboxes.  FoV/backglass FS settings are for a physically rotated screen in Windows Portrait (0 xy rotation).  If you need to rotate the table, the numbers and messages are just out of place.  Please send me a message if you know how to handle this well.  For now, you can reposition them yourself or use the option in the script to send them into space if you don’t need the reminders.


Unfortunately necessary disclaimer:

Distribution of this table to sites other than where I myself have uploaded it is explicitly NOT allowed.

Modding IS allowed and permission given in advance by me, but you must get permission from Dozing Cat Software before uploading (it was their table, after all).


Thanks to Brian Nenninger of Dozing Cat Software for the original and giving permission to make this;  Sophira for permission to use her VP9 table, its code, and the resources she gathered;  Outhere and Wildman for their info and tutorials on the B2S Designer and code hooks;  JPSalas for his materials data;  HauntFreaks for the ShinyEnvironment LUT;  and Toxie and Fuzzel for VPX.

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