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Mini Cycle (Gottlieb 1970) 1.0.1

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About This File

this is an authorized Mod of Loserman76's "Mini Cycle (Gottlieb 1970)"

LM had already did a great job updating and building the mesh playfield, and created awesome physics for the center kicker hole, and gameplay in general..

  • the playfield image we have had to play with for years  is very dated, with baked on lighting from VP8 days and was also over darkened
  • I remove all the that baked on lighting from the PF to get it back to an "ok" neutral state
  • all the playfields trigger holes and slots were cut out and replaced with a primitive ways of filling them with a mesh "say no to the black abyss"  ;) 
  • the plastics have always been a mess since the first time i tried to fix them, this time I did an old technique where it looks like the were printed on the bottom acrylic and they do look better
  • I created separate GI and ambient shadows, giving the lighting a much more realistic effect of casting of shadows
  • also added the correct octagon images for the hit targets
  • I believe the slit acorn nuts used were modeled by sliderpoint
  • the only code the was altered was the a modified Ball Shadow code @Thalamus found, the tucks the shadow under the ball a little bit better

    Please do not redistribute, repost, repurpose or use the content for public or commercial purposes, images, or software code is prohibited without prior permission from author

    Reason for disclaimer:
    do to the total disrespect of the VP builders (tables, b2s, frontend , backend, etc.) and its community, certon talentless, low self esteem, trying to compensate individuals have taken it upon themselves to redistribute our work as if it is there god given right to do so.... the statements expressed are my personal opinions and not of VPU or its other members

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