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Mario Kart Pinball (Gottlieb 1995) (RyGuy MOD) 3.0.1

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About This File

Version 3.0.1 Updates


  • Fixed apron flashers
  • New rear flashers
  • Fixed apron card


Version 3.0 Updates


  • New scorer on apron to replace "pipe" scorer. Should be easier for everyone to adjust their POV to their liking
  • New LUT selector (hold left magna and cycle with right magna; right magna only skips the music track)
  • New Petey Piranha and star 3D models to tie theme together
  • Minor Playfield adjustments


Version 2.0.1 Update

  • Fixed download file


Version 2.0.0 Updates

  • Fixes
    • Proper lighting for inserts
    • Improved playfield layout near flippers
    • Adjusted graphics for Wario Stadium
    • Adjusted spread/intensity of flashers
  • New Mario Kart in glider mode primitive thanks to Andrei (and @Goldchicco  for the tip) -- hit Mario while he's gliding!
  • New Turbo Mushroom primitive
  • Mario Kart background music
  • New back flashers
  • Left Magna changes LUT
  • Right Magna changes song




  1. Place "MK" folder and the embedded MP3s (or any others of your choosing) in your default Music folder (Visual Pinball\Music)
    • Note: I did not use a muted rom--with the music being fairly quiet on the existing rom, the MK music supplants it nicely and I wanted to keep any of the sound effects. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Optional Use the Palette screenshot to set your color DMD (as it stands, I prefer it to the "colored" version available on this site)




Mario Kart, let's-a-go!


Go for first as you blast off with DK, take a ride on rainbow road (don’t fall off!), spin your way through Wario Stadium, get bounced around Waluigi Pinball, and fill up at Coconut Mall in Mario Kart Pinball!


When I started working on updating the Mario Andretti table, I immediately thought of this mod and was tempted to do it instead of the other given the quality of the resources. However, I decided to release the Mario Andretti table as close to the original as I could make it and do a full mod with the Mario Kart theme separately. I figured I've put about 50 hours into this mainly because this is my first full mod and not knowing what I'm doing at all.


Switch the LUT with the right magna and enjoy!


Thanks to:


Release Notes

  • New playfield
  • New lights (inserts and primitives)
  • Fast flips (thanks @bladeof for the tip)
  • LUT switcher (magna right)


Future Releases

  • Add a proper Mario Kart primitive
  • Pup Pack (w/new audio)
  • Modify the ColorDMD

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