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King Pin (Williams 1962) - Loserman76 update 1.1.0

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This file requires the use of the VPURemix tool.  Please see VPURemix  for more information.

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About This File

This is a patch for King Pin (Williams 1962), a table by Loserman76 and PBecker (VP9 version).

I tried to correct as much as I could, but the result is far from good.
I've watched some videos to help me, I corrected the roll-over button (color and lights), and sounds that were probably not finished.

The table display different ligths effect during the gameplay.

So I made 5 shadows layers to help reproduced all the ambiances.


The apron image comes from a redraw by @Shannon thank you !


Remember to activate the epileptik option if you want more visual feedback with your pincab !


What do you have with the patch ?

- DOF (epileptik option available on the top of the script)

- Better SSF and better physics

- Quick visual upgrade

- Quick change with ball shadows and ball rolling sound (more bass, easier to feel the ball with SSF).

- Minor corrections on the sounds and script
It's clearly a pincab patch, to have a little enhanced version of Loserman76 tables.


Again here the big work is the script and the DOF, i'm not a master of rendering.

Bord teach me how to apply some shadows effects with blender (while playing and while tilting), a little touch of photoshop, and to update a little bit the lights, that's it !


You need the original file (here on the right), the VPU patch system and my file.


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