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Star Trek

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75.56 MB File Size
startreb ROM Name
rothbauerw Created by
rothbauerw, bord, blacksad, movieguru, popette Artwork by
rothbauerw, fleep Scripting by
Bally Manufacturer
1979 Year

3 Screenshots

Star Trek (Bally 1979)

IPD No. 2355


Special thanks and credit to:


Blender - bord
Playfield redraw - Popotte, rothbauerw
Playfield upscale and image processing - movieguru
Backglass - blacksad
Script and physics - rothbauerw
Mechanical Sounds - fleep
Previous author - JPSalas


This was the first pinball I ever purchased over 20 years ago as a thank you gift to my brother.  It provided our family with many years of entertainment until he sold it recently.  I took on this project to build a faithful recreation of the actual look, feel, and game play of that table.  I hope it provides as much enjoyment for you as it did for us.


This has a few minor enhancements from the version originally released at vpinball.com.

v10.6 required

What's New in Version 2.1.1   See changelog


A few physics modifications including:

- improved rubber dampeners for more lively ball on rubbers

- improved flipper rubberizer for more realistic flipper play

Adjusted playfield disablelighting to prevent unintentional blinding

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Best 1979 Star Trek release yet. The bounciness is worlds more realistic than previous revisions. Amazing job, Rothbauerw. :D



  • Lighting is beautiful. No desire to change it for my cab
  • Physics are nearly perfect (see "con"). The ball bounces off the targets like my in-home EM and the ball hops upwards if they reset while the ball is on top, without any "visual glitching"
  • Inclination is best described as "the just-right porridge"


  • Plunger is very strong relative to other games I play. May pipe it down a notch
    • Note: This can vary from cab to cab depending on Virtuapin Controller or plunger configuration


Personal "Winner's Tips" to help you lose friends:

  • Nudge more sparingly when it comes to the horizontal game
  • Plunge for the kicker on ball 1, then B or A rollovers after (unless B or A are complete)
  • Shooting the left-hand bonus multiplier targets from the left flipper
    • Aim for the right-hand standup (L-L-Y) targets since they're in "riccochet range" of the bonus targets. Much safer than hitting them directly (led to drains in my experience)
  • Once the right-hand L-L-Y standups have been cleared, shoot for "Time Warp" (right flank) to score your bonus. If you've been shooting L-L-Y from the left flipper, chances are your multiplier has been raised and your bonus is substantial
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I'm probably the only person in the world who has more fun on this table than on ST Next Gen.


Thank You mate.

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Stunning work yet again. Playing this makes me feel like I'm actually playing a real machine in a remote way. The lighting, ball physics, attention to detail in modeling, texturing, the electronic sounds, physical sound samples all combine to make a pretty believable picture. Thank you guys. The generosity is appreciated greatly.

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I just love the nonchalantly way you say you had the real machine and then decided to recreate it VP....haha....mad skillz dude. Thanks millions


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Always loved this table.  Great job and many thanks for the had work!

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Thanks for the enhancements/re-upload, both versions (VPX and VR) look, play and feel great.

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I played this on Future Pinball with Soundtrack in the past. Love to see it on VPX . Thanxxxxx so much. I will play it later.😍

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Beautiful table, thanks for the updates :) also thanks for reposting this and merry christmas! 🎄

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