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Star Trek

Star Trek (Bally 1979)

IPD No. 2355


Special thanks and credit to:


Blender - bord
Playfield redraw - Popotte, rothbauerw
Playfield upscale and image processing - movieguru
Backglass - blacksad
Script and physics - rothbauerw
Mechanical Sounds - fleep
Previous author - JPSalas


This was the first pinball I ever purchased over 20 years ago as a thank you gift to my brother.  It provided our family with many years of entertainment until he sold it recently.  I took on this project to build a faithful recreation of the actual look, feel, and game play of that table.  I hope it provides as much enjoyment for you as it did for us.


This has a few minor enhancements from the version originally released at vpinball.com.


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