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Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin (Bally 2021)

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che_cho ROM Name
watacaractr Created by
watacaractr Artwork by
Bally Manufacturer
2021 Year

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Note: Please use the altsound file included with the table. If not, you will not

be able to experience this table as it is truly intended.

WARNING: This table contains mature content. Parental discretion is advised.


Far out, man! Dave IS here! ...finally!


That's right, Cheech & Chong are here! It's been a long time coming, but this insanely funny duo have

now made their nostalgic venture in to VPX! Kick back and enjoy the ride as you take a road-trip with

these two famous stoners, doing what they do best, and explore their world from those crazy 70's and

80's. You'll encounter characters, music and sounds based from their iconic comedy albums, as well as

their hilarious cult classic movies. Traveling from "Pedro's House" to the "Battle of the Bands", and

back, Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin, will provide you with a "high" amount of fun and laughs that

only these two can deliver.


Dedicated to one of the best, if not, the best, laugh-out-loud comedy teams in history. Thank you

Richard "Cheech" Marin and Thomas Chong for the side-splitting laughter that you gave us back then

and even today. These two comedic geniuses have deserved their own real pinball machine for decades

and I am proud to at least pay tribute to them with a VPX version.


This table is also dedicated to the old-school pinball lovers, the diehard Cheech & Chong fans, and all

of those crazy uncles out there who introduced Cheech & Chong to the younger generation.


"To do a comedy team, it requires so much extracurricular stuff, so much compromise, so
much intuitiveness to know what the other guy is doing. That's why it's so hard to do it."
                                                                                                                                    - Richard "Cheech" Marin


"The thing about Cheech & Chong is, we've brought more families together than Dr. Phil"
                                                                                                                                                        - Thomas Chong
Featuring the voice over talents of Ed Kelly as Cheech and Chong (Pedro and the Man).
Additional voices: Brian M. and Sheri B.

I'd like to say thank you to a few people:


JP Salas - Thank you for all of your animation scripting help. (Happy retirement my friend).
Benji, apophis and idigstuff - Thank you for your altsound advice and .csv help.
The Visual Pinball and VPinMame Development Teams - Thank you, because without you, none of

this would be possible.


To all of the pinheads out there, I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did creating it.

"Let's roll a pinball, man!"


Your friend in pinball,


Included in this file:

- Cheech & Chong: Road-Trip'pin VPX table
- "che_cho" altsound file

Install instructions:


UPDATE 7-19-21:

Update to VPinMAME 3.4 beta: You can find it on Github:



You must have this updated VPinMame 3.4 version in order for this table to work correctly.


This table was built in VPX 10.6 and runs great in it. You can run it in VPX 10.7, but you'll need
the latest beta version due to sound issues in earlier versions.


Install table. Install Directb2s 2 or 3 screen(for cab users) & official ROM, if you have them already.
(Note: None of these are included in this download but are available on this site).


Install altsound file:

  1. Create an "altsound"(no quote marks) folder in your VPinMame main folder, if you don't already have one.
  2. Then just drop the included "che_cho" altsound file in to your freshly made "altsound" folder.
  3. Start the table (you'll hear nothing). Hit F1. Where it says, "Alt. Sound Mode (0-3):" on the right, enter "1". Hit "OK".
  4. Exit the table and restart.
  5. After the table loads, you should hear the Cheech & Chong intro and then you're good to go.

Note: If you don't add the altsound file you will be unable to experience this table as it is truly intended.


For more detailed rules/scoring and other info, please refer to "table info" in VPX editor.




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· Edited by WaRcLaWz


People need to shout it from the mountain tops, "This table is fkn amazing!"


Easily in the top 3 greatest original table creations of all time. Just sayin...


The table looks, sounds, and feels like a real table, which is something I cannot say about most original creations.


The shots are challenging and creative, and the playfield flows so perfectly well. The artwork is awesome and cohesive throughout. It really shows like everything was designed for this one purpose. Not just a bunch of pictures thrown on everything, but an actual artwork that imbues whimsical and funny delights.


One of my top 20 pinball tables ever, and it's not even a real table. It should be!


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I have been playing this table for awhile now and I absolutely love it. It plays very well on my ALP (one of the best). Would give it 10 stars if I could! Thanks to the creator for such a wonderful job done.

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Extrem MOD !!! That 's easily considered an Original !
What a work you have done here !
and thank's a lot for sharing  
A great Five stars 🥰

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This is incredible theming, design, and execution. Not just the table, but the ROM, the backglass, the altsound...  everything fits together masterfully. Add it to your library today, Holmes. It will be in your shortlist of best non-physical tables ever by "Bally" (wink wink.)

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Tested on (I think the latest . . . Maybe . . .) 10.7 and plays extremely well. An awesome, fun, original table :) 

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Another homerun from Watacaractr. I love the theme, the animations, and the sounds all come together to create a masterpiece.

The attention to detail is second to none.  My new favorite table from my favorite author. Download it now.


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Great stuff, table looks and plays great and the sound blends nicely. Perfect theme, thanks for sharing.

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I am godfounded at the beauty of this art work! WEll done! I dont know how this project was kept a secret from me, but im glad it did. This suprised rocked my world soo much so, I been binge watching cheech and chong movies since. Thank you for your unbeleivable work!

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Funny and Fun! That's what it is all about right? Great job!



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Great concept and amazing execution, commercial grade pinball game. Feels as if made by a professional studio with at least a dozen dedicated artists and programmers on staff. Mind blown, thank you very much.

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