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Firepower (Vs A.I.) V3.7

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343.69 MB File Size
frpwr_b7 ROM Name
3rdaxis rothbauerw G5K Slydog43 Created by
3rdaxis rothbauerw Slydog43 Scripting by
Williams Manufacturer
1980 Year

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Welcome to Firepower (Vs A.I.) V3.7 Needs VPX 10.7.3 To Run
A first of it's kind pinball game that you can actually play and challenge a fully capable A.I. computer. (Hal-9000)
This release is both graphically and physically identical to my original Firepower but can also still be played in a vanilla state like the original.
By default the computer's level of skill is set to "Legendary" . Player 2, 3 and 4 are the computer. There are four levels of difficulty to choose from. Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Legendary. 
You can pick and choose which player is human or computer and even have all four players computer if you wish (lots of fun to watch and even bet on games).
(In Game)
'*Use the "L" key on keyboard to select language. 
'*Use Flipper Buttons to setup human and or computer players before starting game. (Green Human, Red Computer).
'*Use Magna Save buttons to select flipper bat type.
'*While pressing and holding both flipper buttons use the Magna save buttons to select difficulty. (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert and Legendary)
'*Press and hold the Right Flipper Button (six seconds) to display player and difficulty status during game play. Logic Panel displays during DTmode only. 
'*Once game is started no selections can be made or changed until game is over. 
'*The A.I. can be shutdown during the A.I. turn by pressing and holding both Magna Save buttons. The player can then take control. 
'*All options can be hard set in the script under Table Options as desired.
A very special thank you to rothbauerw for help with the coding and conditional logic. Slydog43 for additional coding and everyone else in the community.  Vogliadicane for the cool backglass and coding. 
This is something that I hope you will all enjoy as much as I have enjoyed making it. I very much plan I installing this on other tables in the near future.
Same as before I recommend turning off AO (Ambient Occlusion) in video preferences and keeping ScSp turned on. 
Anything else (Anti-Aliasing, Post-proc AA) will depend on your set-up. 
I also suggest going through the THX set-up to ensure that you are experiencing this table as it was intended. Enjoy... 
V3.4.0 Change Log Notes:
*The A.I. has a few new tricks up it's sleeves and will average about 400,000 points. It will still have a bad game now and then but will also sometimes play until the cows come home. You have been warned.
*It will nudge harder, do bounce passes and his shot priority logic has been optimized to limit any dangerous shots and maximize points. 
*By default the table now as instruction cards explaining the user interface for setting up the A.I. game including player(s) (A.I. or Human), difficulty, canceling the A.I.'s turn etc.
*If the AI Nudge is turned off the right outlane post will move to the easy position during the computers turn. This is in case you have an accelerometer that tilt's out during the AI's turn thus still giving it a fair advantage.


V3.4.8 Change Log Notes:

If the A.I "TILT's" it will learn not to nudge the table for the remainder of that game. 


V3.5.8 Change Log Notes:

Hidden in-game functions:
*Press and hold the Right Flipper Button for six seconds to display Logic panel and Player/Difficulty Status during game play. Logic Panel displays with DTmode only. 
*While still holding the Right Flipper Button:
*Use the Left Magna Save Button to change Flipper Bat Type.
*Use the Right Magna Save Button to toggle on/off A.I. sound effects, voice and laser sights.
*Use the Left Flipper Button to change the Score Display colors. (score reels only)
*These changes will stay for the remainder of that game and will revert back to your script options when the table is re-started.


V3.6 Change Log Notes:

Lots of UI bug fixes. (Thank hworths1545 for the catch)

Fixed Legendary difficulty light state.

Added French to languages. 

PROVIDED STRICTLY FOR PERSONAL USE AND NOT FOR COMMERCIAL SALE OR DISTRIBUTION. PLEASE DO NOT MASS RE-DISTRIBUTE TABLES OR ROMS. Any unauthorized distribution may result in legal action taken against the party(s) in question.

Contact Author First.
v10.7 required

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Beautiful Table!!!  Look and plays great, Thank you!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

I had no idea something like this could be done in visual pinball. It's an absolute treat.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Oh, new upload, that's why my review is gone.

It's really good!  The AI is legitimately awesome!  Get it!  Play it!

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amazing table but i cant seem to change the A.I Difficulty my gf hates it haha but only cause the ai is a Legendary lol please how do i change it

Response from the author:

I'm sorry Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that. 

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Never enjoyed getting my ass kicked so much. Hal talks trash too. hahah Looks great! Plays great! Love it!

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Very fun table.  I had no idea this was going to be so fun to play.  Love all of the options.

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Really fantastic.....and creepy as well....

How can 'it' know where the ball is....aim for the targets and even do ball_flips from left to right flipper or the other way...

Like there is a ghost(buster?) inside my VP, amazing to see it work, making this table what already was a masterpiece very much unique,


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More people need to see this table, it's fantastic!  It looks and plays great, and has the added bonus of so many customizations and the AI opponent.  Tons of fun, thanks for all of your hard work. 

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Interesting to be able to play against an AI opponent, plus lots of surprises! Nice to be able to customize flippers, brightness, AI settings, etc. right from the flipper + magna buttons. And of course, a really nice version of the Firepower table!

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