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Lethal Weapon 3 Pin2DMD for Virtual Machine 1.60

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Lethal Weapon 3 Pin2DMD Readme
Colorization of Data East’s Lethal Weapon 3.

So after finishing SFII (Gottlieb), Terminator 2 (Williams), Baywatch (SEGA) ,I figured its time to tackle a Data East pin! Here is Lethal Weapon 3!

There's also another reason for choosing this game. Randy Perlow hired me to color this for ColorDMD, sent me a contract an a W9 form, which I filled out and sent back after purchasing the machine. After I bought the machine, I emailed him for an update on when I'd get the hardware and software to color the game and he replied with this: (Full disclosure I did take an extra week to get back to him, I was in the process of buying the machine):


I previously contacted you regarding ColorDMD’s concerns with your work on an infringing platform and potential harm to its business. At the time you responded that the work was for private use.
Since then you have ignored our concerns, and taken action to promote and publicly distribute this work, counter to a ColorDMD new product introduction.
As a result, ColorDMD can no longer reasonably expect to conduct business with you in good faith, or entrust you with safeguarding our proprietary information.

Regretfully, our offer to work with you as an independent contractor on future titles is withdrawn.

Randy Perlow
ColorDMD Displays"

Which put me on the hook for a machine I really cant afford to own. Im going to knock out this colorization, install the pin2DMD, and hopefully get a bunch of money in donations (spoiler: I wont ) but I'll likely end up selling the machine. Shame as its a really fun game and I had hoped to be a steady contributor to ColorDMD and use that money to expand my pinball collection.

Post any bugs in the pinside thread:

Release Change Log:

1.60    Merged all of Yangra's work with mine
    Tweaked Crypt Keeper's colors
    Unifying all the build to work on all rom versions, and replace tri-ball with multiball
        - its too much work to try and have Multi/Tri build for all the roms
        - lots of changes in the source that arent noticable in game
    Prepping for the 1.75 release based on Chad's code

1.50    Fixed botched frame in match game
    Corrected keyframe and scene for bike exploding at the end of High Fall Stunt animation
    recolored leo flipper choice to remove "mask residue"
    Added more triggers for Multiball to replace Tri-ball

1.44     Recolored "Bonus Tally" to be more in line with game colors
    Forced Targeting of MULTIBALL over TRIBALL scenes, this effectively replaces TRIBALL with MULTIBALL on higher gfx roms
    Changed colormask scenes to replacement, for Multiball replacement
    Adjusted some colors

1.40     Added Scenes and triggers to videomode. Its a matter of capturing the dozen or so combinations but I have a few done and all the     transitions done as well.

1.12     Fixed High Score Mask, Replay "scene", and worked on failed bomb diffusal scene.
1.10     Added Tri-ball scenes to support both Tri-Ball and Multi-Ball.
1.05     Shit tons of work done by Lucky1 to fix triggering.He even colored a scene or two.
1.00     Initial Release


Thanks to Lucky1 for helping with keyframe triggers and for the recordings.


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Superbe altcolor !

Merci beaucoup, et mille fois merci de partager avec nous ton dur travail.

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