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Banzai Run (Williams 1988)

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120.66 MB File Size
bnzai_l3 ROM Name
JPSalas, ebislit, aubrel, TastyWasps, RothbauerW, Sixtoe, Redbone, Lio, Freylis, Destruk Created by
Williams Manufacturer
1988 Year

3 Screenshots

Welcome Race Fans to Banzai Run!

Since Visual Pinball was created, Banzai Run has been difficult to re-create due to the fact that is has one of the most unique designs in mechanical pinball with an upper playfield mechanism that replaces the backglass.

There have been some great solutions but none that serve all 3 platforms for cabinet, desktop and VR.

However, JPSalas (with the help of Aubrel) released a very innovative idea to have a "sliding" playfield to make up for some limitations of Visual Pinball point of view scripting.  

JP's modified table was used to build a prototype that had a normal backbox and backglass with the sliding playfield for VR thus having a level playing field for all 3 platforms in competitions, etc.

However, it did look quite odd in VR so RothbauerW took on the task of integrating a hybrid model that took some cues from the awesome VR Room that Sixtoe had previously built for Banzai Run.

After some heavy integration work, physics modeling, upscaling, tweaks, play balancing and a lot of testing, this version of Banzai Run will hopefully represent the best solution at this time given the Visual Pinball architecture.

Here are the commendations:

Based on JPSalas' v4.0 table.  Thank you JPSalas!  This included a playfield from EBIsLit and other coding from Aubrel.

THANK YOU to all previous authors on this table!

* TastyWasps - Project concept, Conversion to nFozzy/Roth physics with gameplay balance, Fleep Sounds, VR Room / Assets, pf mesh, various scripting / lighting
* RothbauerW - Conversion to full VR experience, physics tweaks, upper/lower playfield tweaks, roth stand-up targets, various other upgrades including integration
* Sixtoe - Geometry/physics tweaks and twerks.  Original amazing VR Room model. 
* Redbone - Playfield / Plastics graphical upgrades / upscales.
* Apophis - Super Sleuth
* Testing - Passion4Pins, PinStratsDan, StudlyGoorite, Robby King Pin, PrimeTime5k, DarthVito, Wylte, Smaug, bietkwiet

Thank you to the original Williams team for a truly unique pinball experience also!

Edited by TastyWasps
Screenshot change

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v10.7 required

What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


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I've always been a Pat Lawlor fan, and I'm glad that I could now finally play hist first table... and what a doozy it is! It is such a frantic table and TastyWaps did a brilliant job to capture it in the fast and loose gameplay. The outlanes are out to get you!

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Top notch release!! Awesome visual improvements by Redbone and of course an GREAT experience in VR with the new physics, fleep sounds. Thanks to all involved!


Maybe I'm super unlucky but somehow the ball disappears more on the left/right of the table than usual, almost like there are magnets on the side of the table.

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Fantastic work! The playfield looks amazing in VR. With the addition of the nfozzy physics and fleep sounds, this is really top notch stuff. 

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I used to own the real thing and my goodness this is about as close to it as you can get! I can see a lot of work went into not only the play physics but the visual details as well. Bravo to all who contributed to this watershed game!

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Another top quality release, thanks for sharing!! The backglass in VR is a real standout, the table looks and plays fantastic and the SSF/Fleep is very well done.

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Very impressive to have this table so special working so well in VR ! Thanks a lot !

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Another example of creativity in design.

Both in the case of the original project and the recreation.


A spectacular achievement.


Thank You guys.

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All the technologies are converging for this awesome table. Thanks to everyone involved, it's amazing!!! 🤩

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