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1 hour ago, lucky1 said:

Simple answer is that it always looks for keyframes. A keyframe always has to be unique.

I think your missing the question. If I key an animation with the first frame being 250ms long. The Pin2dmd will be receiving that same frame signal for 250ms but also play the first frame for 250ms. If the device continually Keyes up that animation over and over for the 250ms it receives that signal, it will effectively play that frame for 500ms. In this instance we should always shorten the first frame of any animation to a small time, then it will play the correct amount of time plus only that small amount(not double). This is probably not that noticeable in most situations but it becomes definitely noticeable when the first frame of an animation is over 200ms.

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Keyframes only trigger when there is a change in the image. There is no retriggering during the same image beeing displayed.
You can see whether there is a change or not when looking at the blue led of the controller.

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On 9/5/2018 at 4:04 AM, Rockdude233 said:

It happens during one of the boot up frames.  Unfortunately, I'm out of town and won't be back until September 17, so I'll have to get you the exact details then.  I can tell you if I add another scene/keyframe to the project, it will then blank out at a different frame, but it will always be the same frame for that version.

The last frame of the "Intro Waves" scene is when it blanks out.


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how to import color palettes from a pin2dmd.pal file in pinballbrowser  ? it's possible ? or not ?
i know import smartdmd.txt with pin2dmd editor and export to pin2dmd.pal .

may the opposite be possible? with pinballbrowser ?


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 i would like to recover the pallets from the  " acd_170hc_ByPinballMikeD"  package .

i have put the patched rom in my real pin and  the pin2dmd.pal in the sd card . it s work good but i would like to change some color  with pinballbrowser ( i have a licence)

i have asked the smartdmd.txt to pinballmikeD , i hope , he will answer me .



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