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  • Sonic Pinball Mania

    So... what started as a "quick update" to Brendan Bailey's classic Sonic the Hedgehog table (from 2005) has turned into a complete overhaul / update of almost "everything".

    Not only have I completely redrawn new art for the entire table in 4K, all new lighting, new inserts, fleep sounds, shadowmaps, etc...

    ...but I am adding lots and lots of new stuff to the point that it will be almost unrecognizable from the old table... and it has a new name.

    This video below shows only one of many new cool things I've added (I HAD to have a real Sonic LOOP!). Can't wait to show you the rest of the table!

    Remember what I did for Star Wars DSA (Epic Space Battles)? Get ready for the most EPIC Sonic pinball table ever created!

    Sonic Pinball Mania - coming soon for Future Pinball - BAM!



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    Amazing table as usual Terry. I've been waiting for this since your preview. I would love to have your creativity. I wish you the best and thank you for such an amazing table. Now, we just need Silent Hill...(hint, hint). lol. Cant wait for that one too. My daughter and I loved the entire video. You do some amazing work. 

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    Amazing Terry, thank you for what you do...    Now if I could just convince a table author to make an original table for "The Office" (American version) of this quality...  LOL 

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