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  • To Sub-Categorize Or Not to Sub-Categorize?  That is the Question.

    Changes are good.... Right?

    First off... If you have been browsing the site this morning you would have seen some new changes ongoing right before your eyes. I'm playing around mainly with the Downloads section and the way files are presented. If you see anything strange happening... Ignore it for now.

    To Sub-Categorize Or Not to Sub-Categorize?  That is the Question.
    I'm debating on removing most of the sub-categories from the downloads section. For example move all VPX tables into the VPX section instead of breaking them down by design type, DMD, EM, etc. In doing this it will lump all games into a single category. I'll probably keep VPURemix, Pup-Pack Originals, Originals, and MODS in their own sub-categories. With this change in mind, I've added the ability to filter files by the first letter of the title. This way you can quickly jump to a specific game that you are looking for.


    Changes to File View:

    The first major change is to the File View and the way the file is displayed. Some changes already done include moving the "like" button back to the top near the download button. I am still working on this new view to streamline things, so expect changes to this layout as it evolves.new_file_view.jpg

    Beer Me currently not working in the new File View:

    "Beer Me" is NOT currently working in this new design. I paid a developer to create the "Beer Me" and need to request an update for it. It does still work by going to the users profile and tipping/beer me from there.

    File tagging: 
    With the changes to the downloads section. I'm hoping to start using tags more and will be able to build more dynamic lists and pages based on those tags. Tagging files correctly will become more important in the future. 

    These are ongoing changes that I am playing around with. If you see something strange; no need to report it as I am actively working on it. When in doubt clear your browser cache.



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    I like the ideas! Still needs some work but I like the file details all being on the one row. I kind of like how the screenshots were presented before, at least on mobile view.


    But I agree there are too many sub categories, it would be more convenient and easier to discover new tables doing it how you described. Thanks for all of your hard work! 

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    My biggest problem with this site is that when I look through "Unread Content" I can't always tell whether the table is Future Pinball, Visual Pinball or what.  The site frequently identifies what it is but not always but it is not always identified in the same place.  Hopefully, your changes will take care of all this. 


    I noticed some of the images are squeezed together like here:




    I assume that will be fixed.  

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    Very cool, Dazz! Just my two cents, but I really like the way the downloads section was originally because it was so easy to see what’s been added or updated. That said, the way it looked on Saturday with the featured tables, most popular downloads, highest rated, etc looked awesome. I think that view would be awesome as the home page. Just my opinion. Love the new layout when looking at tables/files. I like how you can see the description and screenshots at the same time as you’re scrolling comments. Love this site, and appreciate how much work you put into it—it shows!

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    Your in the right direction dazz...love what you discribed here as to layout and especially the "by the letter" idea..its a good one... thank you so much for all your work man..ledgend stuff!

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    For me, I think I made it in the forum, I don't like these changes... I think that before it was much more visible and now it's difficult to move around looking for things... the Changes to File View change: it doesn't seem right to me to want to enter all the info on the same page...I insist, if it were up to me it would stay as it was before...just in case instead of compressing the sections I would do the opposite, I would open them up to many more categories...it's my Opinion, of course ... whatever you decide will be fine in this incredible site

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