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5FDP (Gottlieb 1985) DVL Mod

This is a graphics and sound mod of JPSalas "Rock" (Gottlieb 1985)


Version 1.0.3 use "Rock" Rom, VPMAlias is not required anymore


First I would like to thank JPSalas for allowing mods without permission & Thx HiRez00 for Music & Scutters for Flex DMD Mod


1. move the Music Folder to your Music folder and replace Placeholder Mp3s with Songs you like, making sure to rename the files 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3...

   Then change the NumMusicTracks value in Scripts to the total number of songs in the folder without X- File!

2. Select Music Mode Options in Script ("1" - Default)

 0 = Player controls songs manually with Right Magnasave (Jukebox Mode) 

 1 = Player controls songs with Right Magnasave + Song changes when ball drains

3. Select use Flex DMD, Backglass score display to a virtual or real DMD via flexDMD  ("1" - Default)


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I downloaded this cool table a couple of days ago and had it working.  Using VPMalias.  I have download the update and I cannot get it working.  I removed the alias.


I am getting the following errors,


Starting script

Runtime error
Line: 1
Object doesn't support this property or method: 'Controller.ROMName'


and also


Runtime error
Line: 1323
Object required


If I reinstall the older version it works.


Please help when you have a chance.


Thanks again.

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