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Got To Do Something Very Cool Today


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hey guys


most wont be interested but the fanboy in me couldn't help but post this :)


I'm at a slot expo in sydney over the next few days and one of the newest slots out here by IGT is "ghostbusters" its actually a pretty decent slot game with great special features.


part of the deal with the licence of using ghostbusters theme was Sony BMG to loan there one and only Authentic ecto-1 Cadillac for promotional display use.   This is the only 1 true car built and used in both movies, and from what the security guys were trying to stress was so priceless they couldn't put a price on it, i bet insurance would have cost a fortune for these 5 days. the thing sparkled as it sat there like it had never been driven.


accompanied by a whole bunch of security staff it was on display for the expo in 2 hr bursts 2 times a day, all other times it had to be covered.

at days end of expo when all visitors left i wondered over to the car and talked to the guys who were a whole lot relaxed about everything at this time, and then they offered to let me and a bunch of other exhibitor's sit behind the wheel for pics !


as soon as i get my pics off the work digital slr camera i will post it here and i will proudly get it printed and framed for my game room wall at home :)


here is some pics i took when expo was in full swing off my phone. and these guys did a litle song and dance to the ghostbusters theme, but IMHO they were a piss poor attempt at pretend ghostbusters, i mean come on, i dont remember 3 asian and 1 african "backstreet boys" ghostbusters.


The siren in real life when its bellowing out of this thing is such a badass feeling LOL



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