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"Broncho" - (Genco 1947) v.1.3

Type:Electro-mechanical (EM

Production:2,260 units   (confirmed)

Serial Number Database:View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site)

Theme:American West - Rodeo


Notable Features:5 cents per play. Kick-out holes (4). 3 or 5 ball play.

Maximum displayed point score is 1,495,000 points. After this score, it rolls over to 1,400,000 and will step continuously in 5000-point increments as points are earned.

There is a fixed replay threshold at 1,000,000 points. The operator can add additional threshholds at 600,000 / 700,000 / 800,000 / 900,000 points.

Replay wheel maximum: 57

Sound: none, no bells or knocker.

Design by:Harvey Heiss, Steve Kordek

Notes:This flipperless game has stationary bumpers that are shaped like flippers.


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