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Minions 3.0

This is an update to the original Minions table created by Javier.  It is a port from the FP version created by ROM and Nitronimbus.  The game has had major changes.  Most of them is to fix/implement/complete routines so major goals can be completed.


I originally really hated this game.  The music was repetative and there seemed like no real way to progress through the goals.  It turned out that was true.  Some of the code was incomplete, even in the Future Pinball version of the game which I used as reference.  I have completed the intent of the coding and if all five goals are complete, then the 50 MILLION goal can be attempted.  Initially I was going to just upgrade the code to use UltraDMD and FreezyDMD, but I could not leave the code as it was.  I hope you enjoy it!

I also added an Options Screen.  If you hold the left flipper button down for 1.5 seconds between games, the screen activates.  You can set the number of balls, free play/credit, change music, and reset high scores.


There are five goals that must be completed before you can attempt the 50 MILLION shot:

1) Complete all targets

2) Open the hideout and then knock down the three minion popups.  I've made it slightly easier to get into the hideout by extending the hideout switch timer to 15 seconds.

3) Perform a MultiBall run.

4) Run up all the Ramps.

5) Run down all the inner and outer lanes and hit the Collect Lanes four times to play the four Narrations.

Easy, right? 


Install the table, backglass and Minions.UltraDMD directory to the table directory.  Copy the  contents of the Music directory to the VPX Music directory.

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hi i don't have on my dmd the information 


Player 1 ball 1   when playing with several players 

I just have  the information Ball 1    and credits :2 (for example) and nothing about the player 


Any solutions ???

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