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Grease (2021) B&W pro

The first thing to thank all the colleagues who have allowed this mod to be made, since without them we could not have enjoyed this title and many others.
JpSalas, DStruct, francisco666, Nitronimbus, polygame.
I also want to make a special mention to my colleague Oker for the help provided.
Table instructions:
You must create an alias as follows:
elvisjt, elvis

So that the sound is not mixed I have used a muted rom (altsound) that I will also leave together with the table.

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    JpSalas,DStruct, francisco666, Nitronimbus, polygame
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Thanks to all for the fun table. I have everything sorted out, and I can hear the voices (in Spanish?), sound effects, and music tracks that I put in the Music\grease folder. but I'm hearing a repetitive 'gunshot/banging" noise during play that's louder than any of the other sounds. The noise starts as soon as I load the table (before inserting any coins). When I press "1", the intro music starts and the noise stops for about 4-5 seconds, but then the noise starts again - playing over any music or sound effects. The banging noise often stops for a few seconds when the ball drains down the middle. Any ideas what might be causing that noise? Thanks in advance...

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