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Asteroid Annie - EB Mod

Reupload -- previously published to vpinball in 2020




This was a trickier project considering the source assets. The quality of the images used were very high quality (a kruzman restro project from 5 years ago found on pinside), but the angle they were taken at and the glare made it somewhat challenging to put these all together into one flat image without warping. I'm happy with the result and think this adds to BorgDog & Hauntfreak's already awesome table.


Original credits from BorgDog's table that this mod was made from:


This is a complete VPX rebuild of hauntfreaks vp9 Asteroid Annie, using mostly haunts resources that he gave me sometime last year.  I found some better plastics images online, but I am currently in conversion with a guy on pinside that has 2 (yes 2! they only made like 200 of them) Annie's he is going to restore and he is willing to get me some better resources, mainly the playfield is a pieced together hack that is not likely very accurate as far as placement of everything goes, so hopefully in the not to distant future I will rebuild again!  In the mean time, enjoy, it is a fun machine.



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Posted (edited)

Hello !

I'd like to play this very rare table but i can't find a ROM working (astannie ?).

Can anyone share a rom for this one please ?


Thank you !


edit : someone on pincab passion gave me a working rom. It's ok !


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