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Disney Pixar Onward (Original 2021) Manbearpig 1.1

This is really for the kids of the players here. My kids love these reskinned tables and ask to play them all the time. Figured I would take a shot at doing one.

So this is my first full mod. I didn't realize how many others had used Skateball as a base until after I started. The one thing I did do is make this an alias so you can still play Skateball.



Update 12/31-

Watched the Scotty Wic YT videos and made a Guinevere van and a Quest Mix cassette 3D model.

Phenom also gave me the script to change tracks with the magna save buttons as well.




I redid all the plastic image files and removed the jagged and wavy edges, so they have a smoother look.

I added a short wall behind the upper flipper because I kept losing balls up there during testing.

Altered a few trigger sounds.

Added music to the script (there is a Mega link in the text doc. I have never used Mega so not sure if there is a traffic limit).


In the zip-


Back Glass


Topper (mp4, that's a new process I'm still learning).

Text doc (Mega music link and alias)


Created/Mod in VPX6

Will need Sambuild 3.3 or higher for alias.

Table runs on skatebll rom

I also turned off the rom sound.



And of course all credit for this table belongs to JPSalas and Hauntfreak



Any and all feedback welcome. I'm sure I'll tackle another at some point. 



Disney Pixar Onward (Original 2021) Manbearpig 1.1.vpx

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I downloaded the music files and set the script to read:


Line 137 I have Set folder = FileSystemObject.GetFolder("D:\Visual Pinball\Music\Onward") 'Comment out if using custom path


When I try to play the table it says Bass music\ sound library cannot load D:\Visual Pinball\Music\Onward etc...


What is causing this? My visual pinball is on the 😧 drive.

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