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Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Pinball

Timon and Pumbaa Jungle Pinball


Inspired by Disney's 1995 Timon and Pumbaa's Jungle Games, this was a project I had a bit of fun with trying to recreate what I thought this fun game would look like if it was ever to be a real pinball machine.

The table started out as JP's Jokerz!, the rom was stripped and everything was re-written to form this new fun game for all of the family to enjoy.

Don't be fooled by its childish theme this table can be challenging for the adults, but also toned down for the kids with the option to select between adult and child before starting gameplay.



Visual Pinball v10.7 Required
FlexDMD 1.8 Required
FreezyDMD 1.9.0 Required



If you get a script error when starting the table check the following settings in VP
Preference > Keys, Nudge and DOF : Disable B2S (must be UNCHECKED, have had reports of errors otherwise)



Copy the following files\folders to \Visual Pinball\Tables\



' Converted to Orbital Framework by Devious626
' Original table design based on JP Salas Jokerz!
' Table design modified by Devious626
' Orbital Framework Compiled and built by Scottywic
' Code snippets by JP Salas, Flupper, DJRobX, NailBuster, ninuzzu, HauntFreaks rothbauerw & many more.
' Huge thanks to the VPW community for all of your assistance, your guidance will no doubt help me get better at creating tables.

3D Elements
' Tree Trunk: Full Credit to Aartee https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/stylized-tree-stump-04d51f5c2fb643aab3b93b451d1b77c9#download
' Stylized Lamps: Full credit to Izzy: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/stylized-lantern-a1d81e3e271d47ee8ab7c9a5625eea47#download
' Tree Trunk Right Ramp: Credit to Tiffany Chu for Original Design https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/happy-little-log-2dcb97d29b0a42689b1dc2a1e11385f3 / Modified by Devious626
' Bridge: Full Credit to Hentoony https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/lowpoly-stylized-bridge-b99ab20cefcd4e9aa32ed8595a62db2a
' Targets, Wheel, Deck Area and Gate Created by Devious626
' 3D models baked by Remdwaas1986


'Audio / Visual
' Special thanks to the creator of the Fleep Sound Package which is implemented into this table. Documentation for Fleep was obtained from the archived article by Rauthbauerw at vpinball.com
' Special thanks to the creator of FlexDMD https://github.com/vbousquet/flexdmd
' Special thanks to Remdwaas1986 for the B2S
' Special thanks to Remdwaas1986 for his Timon and Pumbaa Wheel for Frontend
' Special thanks to Phenom for his Timon and Pumbaa Wheel for Frontend
' Special thanks to PEandS1Ws for his Timon and Pumbaa Wheel for Frontend
' Special thanks to PEandS1Ws for his Timon and Pumbaa FullDMD for Frontend
' Special thanks to PEandS1Ws for his Timon and Pumbaa Audio for Frontend
' Full Credit to Disney Interactive Studios and 7th Level https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timon_%26_Pumbaa's_Jungle_Games for Audio Call Outs and Video/Image Elements
' Timon and Pumbaa Jungle Pinball logo was created from the original game logo from Timon and Pumbaa Jungles Games
' Timon and Pumbaa Center Peice created by Ochre Fox Tattoo (Located in Spain) FB:https://www.facebook.com/OchreFoxTattoo/?ref=page_internal / Instagram:http://instagram.com/ochrefoxtattoo


' Special thanks to nFozzy for Flipper and Physics corrections
' Special thanks to iaakki, apophis, Wylte and VPW members for Dynamic Ball Shadows
' Special thanks to iaakki for Rubberizer
' Special thanks to HauntFreaks for the use of Cockroaches code from CARToons Table
' Special thanks to Sixtoe, Flupper, 3rdaxis for VR Cabinet & Room
' Special thanks to Remdwaas1986 for FlexDMD images and Oqqsan for FlexDMD / Bug Fixes
' Special thanks to Remdwaas1986 for Coconuts and Larvae animations


' Special thanks to all who jumped in to test the Timon and Pumbaa Jungle Pinball table, your time and feedback is much appreciated.

Adult_Ruleset.txt Child_Ruleset.txt


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