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Meteor (Stern 1979) [SK-5]

One the great classic pinball games and Steve Kirk's second of three for Stern. Meteor is a very satisfying game with balanced rules and multiple scoring strategies.


Game notes:

  • In the script options you must choose values for VR_Room, or Cab_mode.  (The default is desktop mode of zero values).  If you are using a full cabinet, VR_Room = 0, and cab_mode = 1.  Desktop mode they are both zero.
  • Additional options in the script include two VR environments, a VR clock, and settings for dynamic shadows if you experience a performance hit.
  • The sound emulation for Meteor stinks. IRL the game sounds aren't nearly as awful. SORRY!


VR by Uncle Paulie.



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I saw in the comments that someone mentioned the difference from F6 mode and play mode showing part of the backglass which I am having also.  I wanted to put it here in the support thread with photos to illustrate.


Thank you for your great work!


The pic where the backglass is not showing is from the F6 adjustment display.  The other showing the backglass is when playing


meteor 1.jpg

meteor 2.jpg

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