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VR Room Rocky (Gottlieb 1982)

Another one in my series of conversions of Gottlieb's widebody-tables.


The table is made by Armyaviation.


I would like to thank the following people:
Armyaviation for the permission to put the table in a VR-room. All the thanks belongs to him!
VPinWorkshop for the LUT-Files.
And everyone I have forgotten. Please send me a message, if you think, I have forgotton you.


I've added or changed things like nFozzy flipper physics, dynamic shadows, animations etc.

There are two rooms: the minimal room and a sphere.
To change the VR-rooms, press the right magnasave button.


There are different LUT-files in the table. So you can change the lightning.
Click the left magna save-button to change the LUT-file.


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