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[New VP10 Alert] Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978)

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Joker Poker (Gottlieb 1978)

This is a complete rebuilt of 32assassin table ver 1.0

Artwork by Hi-Rez00

10.6 TABLE


based on releases by 32assassin & BorgDogs


Big thank you to you to:

@markrock76 for the playfield mesh and playfield shadow image

@HiRez00 for the new scans of playfield and plastics.


What's new:

* New lights, new lighting
* New table physics
* Added nFozzy flippers

* Added Fleep Sound

* Correct few elements position on the table

* New script

* Reworked all the images, cleaned and upscaled
* Added Flippers Shadows and Ball Shadows
* Added playfield mesh (thanks @markrock76)
* New Playfield and Plastics images (thanks @HIRez00)
* Tuned Slingshots and Bumpers force
* Corrected Rubbers Hit Height
* Added JP's LUT code
* New instruction Cards in the apron
* Repositioned Bumpers correctly

* Corrected Bumpers Height
* Changed Drop Targets height so they don't disappear when down
* Adjusted numerous table elements physics properties

* Adjusted general table physics  (added  dampeners)

* Other small tuning

Press F6  and configure the Dip switches to select 5 balls and other features (need to do this only once)


To rotate and select between the nine LUT files press and Hold the Left Magnasave and rotate pressing the Right Magnasave.


Hope you enjoy it and please leave constructive feedback or comments in the support topic and will try to make it better.
All Logos, Copyrights and Trademarks are property of their respective owners.
Permission to Mod: Yes with approval


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Excellent update @Goldchicco thanks! I'm trying to fix some of the desktop visuals though, sorry I'm desktop only, and having a hard time finding this one black wall to remove or resize it. See pic attached. I already determined primitive35 is just wrong for desktop so replaced it with more appropriate primwalls and the siderails with gottlieb textured rails. Help with that funky back wall please? Thanks man! :)


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Ok I spent way too much time tweaking things but have it at 95% I'd say. Had to move the right inner rail inwards quite a bit and the left side a few clicks in as well.  Of course that meant resizing and positioning the primwalls. I added the upper metal backbar/glass channel that was missing. Had to scoot the apron to the left a bit. For the life of me I cannot find that black back wall suspended behind the cabinet.  I also need to figure out why the ball isn't sitting centered in the shooter lane.  It's looking a lot better now, pic attached. I own this game IRL so I'm a bit picky ya know :) For now I've set the pov Z and Y to hide that black wall but not ideal.



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