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Vp+Ledwiz = Crazy Stutter, Hyperpin+Vp+Ledwiz= No Stutter ?


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Might be my system,


but when i am starting VP from Pinselect, or just solo, i have crazy stuttering issues, a lot of tables are unplayable, even though they run as high as 4500 FPS.


When i start from hyperpin, FPS is slightly lower, but stuttering is gone, all tables are playable.



AMD phenom II

Win XP

Nvidia GTX460 1gb

307.xx drivers



Weird right?

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yeah, only thing i could think of was that the continuing cpu load from Hyperpin is keeping the cpu cores from going 'to sleep',  but i thought i was crazy. 


When using pinselect (or no frontend), i am seeing +5% FPS, but with stutter.

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since we think that HyperPin is either disabling some power saving features or keeping the CPU's from going to sleep is there a way to do this WITHOUT loading hyperpin? I know that the end result will be that I'm using HyperPin or some other FE but for now (while messing with tables) I'd like to play them from the desktop.


I've got mad stutters when the LEDWiz is busy.

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On windows 7 there are lots of settings for CPU behaviour. You also may want to check your bios for disabling some power saving modes.


I use XP, and cannot change much in my bios, so it looks like i am stuck with hyperpin for now.

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