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[New VPVR Alert]VR ROOM Wheel of Fortune Minimal (Stern 2007)

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VR ROOM Wheel of Fortune Minimal (Stern 2007)

Added the VR conversions to this table that was done by ninuzzu.  


I did quite a few VR mods to get it to look good (all documented in the script).  Sixtoe provided a once over and did a couple additional  tweaks. 





V 1.0:  VR Tweaks, custom environment, and a few other minor adjustments to fit in VR Cab.


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39 minutes ago, retroseriestv50 said:


Hello, thank you very much for your great work. I can't get the table to run in VR, as you can see from the screenshots it gives me two errors, what am I missing?

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-27 172120.jpg

Captura de pantalla 2022-03-27 172132.jpg

Looks like you are missing the ROM, grab it here, unblock it and place it "still zipped" into your ROM's folder 


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