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Started a new build for a Virtual Pinball / Gaming Computer Hybrid - Here's the Youtube Link


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I have never seen a cabinet like yours.  It is very ingenious the way you can tilt the screen up to use it like a PC which I suppose you would use for other video games.  But you could probably watch movies on it also since the screen is so big.  

You might join us on "Pinball Nirvana".  You can Google it.  It is one of the few sites that supports both real and virtual pinball machines.  I work on Future Pinball tables and post them there also.  TerryRed is there also.






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Your build got my wheels spinning, Absolutely Love the Ingenuity. The amount of engineering,  foresight is impressive. 

I am about to attempt a cab build and was thinking similar lines.

You have solved the mystery of a hybrid cab not on classic pin legs.

Learnt more from your video each time I watched it. 

Definitely a benchmark build  

Love your work!!

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