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33 minutes ago, Strblast said:

good evening lucky 1, I just sent you a donation of 10 € but I could not send you the number of my pin2dmd, what can I do?

Sending an e-mail with the information when you forgot to send with the donation is enough. No need to send additional PMs and make posts in the forum all at the same time.
Give me at least 24 hours before sending another e-mail

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Could you please stop posting here that you made a donation and wait at least 24 hours for your key ?

The information that you donated is not of any use for others and therefore unneccessary .

Please add all necessary information to your donation text. Sending it in a second e-mail may lead to further delay because it is harder to collect all information needed. Using a paypal payment instead of the donation button form here http://pin2dmd.com/installation/#3 may also
lead to further delay because the paypal e-mail notification does not show all necessary information I need to generate the key.  

If you did not receive your key within 24 hours you can send me an e-mail. 

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I activate multiple boards regularly with Lucky1. Just click the donate button in any of his posts, provide 10 Euro for each board you want activated and then on the screen that shows you the message "Enter your PIN2DMD UID and Forum Username here", provide him with the proper information.

Then be patient. I am in Canada and he is in Germany (I believe). I usually do my donations late at night and by the time I get up in the morning he has usually sent me the activation keys. He is very efficient but give him a bit of time! As long as you follow the instructions, you will receive your keys. There is no need to send him multiple emails or do things separately.


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Hi all,


I also received a activation key, but activation seems to fail.

I am using the Nucleo F429 and see ColorPrism v4.5 on powering up

I Use Shield v4.03 from Joerg en Stefan that holds a 8 pin SD card. It was changed w.r.t V4.02 where 9 pin SD card from WAVESHARE was used.

I routed the 8 pins to the correct pins, leaving the 9th pin floating, labelled 'CD'.

I copied the Nxxxxxx.key file to SD-card and then power on -> No response.

I ran Pin2DMD.exe 32bit -> No response 

I ran Pin2DMD.exe 64bit and select key-file, then pressed 'activate' -> No response.

I am running Firmware 'V2-36-26' on the Nucleo F429.

I tried 2 different SD cards, Team and SanDisk. Both of which work when i read them on an Arduino using SPI mode of 6 pins. (I don't know how to test SDIO mode on STM32)

I also copied the pin2dmd.upd file on the SD-Card, to update the pin2dmd.bin version, but i guess i am already installed the latest ? (Colorposrm v4.5 ??)

So far, i can not verify where to start troubleshooting the issue.


Is there a way to 'debug' some steps ? Or to get additional information WHY the activatio fails?


I already bought ALL HW for my 3 pinball machines, but are stuck at this moment.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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YES, I received the cheaper chinese CD-Cards. I ordered a few and it turned out that the pins were corroded. Really poor quality. Anyway, after drilling out the holes again on the PCB with a 0.9mm drill and cleaning the pins on the CD-Cards, i soldered them onto the PCB.

I saved the UDDATE file AND the KEY file onto the sd-card and applied power.

I still have to press the RESET button to get POWER to the NUCLEO


I saw UPDATE appearing for 1 sec, then black screen due to reset of the software. Finally  i see the PIN2DMD image without the SERIAL CODE after 3 minutes. The PIN2DMD  STAYS there, meaning that the activation was sucessfull ! 🙂


So Most likely, Lucky's suggestion (about keeping the wires short) did the trick.


Happy sofar...


Next is to connect it to my pinball machine...


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