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[New B2S Alert] Whirlwind (Williams 1990)(Fan MOD)


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Whirlwind (Williams 1990)(Fan MOD)

Here is my Whirlwind (Williams 1990)(Fan MOD) directb2s Backglass File, i did that a time ago.

Siggi with this nice Redraw ( at VPinball ) motivated me, to re-optimize my Version: you can choose "Authentic" or "Fantasy",
at least with Fantasy, you will get the Fan - Animation, when it should be active like at the real Machine !

Full Credits to Wildman, i used his latest fine BG for that !

Have Fun !



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hello... i have a little problem with this backglass release. whatever i do,  i have no led score in the DMD in a 3 screens configuration. the picture of the DMD is here (with the graphics of the super cellar door value) but the black rectangle where the numbers are stay black empty.

is something missing ?

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the problem is still present with the version 1.1. if the grill is visible, all is fine/working ( 2 screens configuration with no dmd) . but if you are in a 3 screens configuration with DMD, the Led/scoring is missing from the DMD.

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9 hours ago, Wildman said:

fixed missing digit in 3 screen in my version stat will have to update it in his ?

(Wildman pls can you fix that, I am longer away, sorry haven't 3 Screens and didn't check that. 

And because it is only Fan in Fantasy Option, you could make 1 Version... your Choice.)


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42 minutes ago, stefanaustria said:

Thanks outhere, i also havent a clue, how to use LED 1 and 2 also for another Screen ( DMD ) … i uploaded a 2nd Version.
I hope you didn't Forget Light 2 - 8 for the Cellar Lights.

Solution for LED could be: set hidden to 0 and use "VPinMame DMD" ...


thank you but there is a problem (sorry)  with your new 3 screens version... it didn't work at all (the backglass didn't show up  - black screen)) . the version from 'Outhere' is working in authentic and fantasy mode (but i didnt know for the ' Light 2 - 8 for the Cellar Lights ' part )

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confused-face-smiley-emoticon.gifdo we need some help with it????

for 2 and 3 scr you need to make 2 diff backglasses

just for this BG..when you use scores in the dmd you have to take them from the 2 scr delete them then use then in the dmd area cause they need the same numbers ex- 1 and 2


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whenever you use scoring in the dmd area you always need to make 2 separate backglasses because you are using the same number score leds you cant add say a 3 and 4 has to be 1 and 2 do you know what i mean by that?


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Ok Wildman, i dont know, if we Need an extra "Fan" Mode Download, you want to add it to your 2 AND 3 Screen Versions ? B)

Easy and you know what is to do, i "only" added 2 Snippits at 0,0 and set it to Fantasy while i set all your others in the Area to "Authentic", exc. Main Light.

Added a quick Animation with the 2 Fan Images to SOL 38, also "Fantasy", thats all … see Info Images, and my 2 Fan Images here … ( done: i add it to the new Versions … )


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je n'arrive toujours pas à avoir le ventilateur même en activant fantasy
je suis en mode ordinateur portable et fait control + tab pour afficher le b2s

y a t-il une raison de ne pas avoir le ventilateur dans ce cas


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