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2 Questions about the V4 Shield


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I've recently buy PCB only for making a new display With Pin2DMD (192*64 in this case, so V4 shield only)

But i've 2 mistakes with the board


1st : There 8 pins for Resistor Network instead of 6 (V3 Shield) I can buy it, but are they still 220 Ohm  or different value ? 

2nd : I've two type of SDCard Reader, but no one fits on this new board... Can I adapt one on this board ? Or Should I buy another model of Reader ? (And in this case, witch one ? )

Many many thanks for your help ?

Best regards ?



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Not bussed  ? So this kind of resistance array is not good ? 



And for the Reader, 

Is SDIO and WaveShare are compatibles ? 

Because I can find easyer a SDIO Reader than a real WaveShare, but if we take a look at the pins there are not the same... Depsites sites description told me is equivalent... 


LEFT WaveShare - RIGHT SDIO Reader...

So i'm a little lost with the V4 version... 


Thanks again for your precious help Lucky1 ?

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