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  1. Wow, very interesting project ! Very hard, for sure ! If you need beta tester, i'm in !
  2. Yeay ! Ok, I've found this again, 220Ohms Thanks to the SEARCH button ? So i've changed this stupid array with 220ohms singles res, and of course IT WORKS !! Many Many thanks for your help again Lucky !! ???
  3. Ok, is this OK if I change thooses arrays with links of singles resistors ? What is the good value of theeses ? I've forgoted it... Thanks !
  4. Hmm, I've posted reply this week, but my message disapperead. ? Nevermind, I post again ? So, Heres the pictures of my board : Yeah, I know, C13 is missing, i've see it when I've taken pictures... (Where was my brain again...) I solder a 100nf on it, but no differences. Still locked on the Gottlieb V1-2-3 splash screen.... Thanks for your help ! ?
  5. RE, So, I've tested the input like in video : Without any cable it's OK (All pins OPEN) But if I put a jumper, I cannot get all pins closed, only 5 & 11... I don't know why. (Is there a problem on this point ?) And if I put another DMD plasma on it, yes it works correctly ? Thanks
  6. How can I test it ? It's my only pin left with Pin2DMD on it. For the pinball itself, yes.
  7. Hi everybody ! I've just installed my new pin2dmd on my freshly restored Wipe Out, But i've a little problem. The display stay on the Splash screen, When I turn power on, I see ColorPrism 3.12, and then Gottlieb V1, or V2, V3 and it stay on this forever... The key on the SD card seems to be recognized. Of course this pinball has no colorisation so I put palette in blue. (There's only key file on SD card) I've tried Gottlieb V1, V2 and V3 and waiting for 15' each. It wont start. Have you any idea about this issue ? Thanks a lot ?
  8. Hello, I'm trying some colorization by now, Yesterday after a couple of hours I save my project normally. This morning, I try to load my work, and ... Impossible to do it... Whatever if I click any button, the editor close... I've also tryed to rename de backup file as XML and use it, same issue... Can you help me to find where the problem is ? I hope all my work is not lost ... ? Thanks ! ?
  9. Yeah, thanks, good to know. Maybe I will just Try to colorize this game, and see what i can do. Depending of the results, I will continue to 100% or not... Thanks for your help ?
  10. Hello Everyone ? I would like to make a present for a friend, his favorite pin is Sharkey'S Shootout. He own the real machine. Last year, I do the full maintenance and refurbish for him, this year... I would like to colorize it for him ! (At least... To try...) But... I want it a surprise... So I cannot record from his machine, and... I don't play Vpin Very Well... Of course, i've got some screens recorded, but not everything. Is maybe we have here a good player who has the complete recording for this game ? Thanks for your help friends ?
  11. God Damned... Am I stupid or what ??? Look what I've found... Of course it will not work like this... Everything is fine now ! (With the correct cable in the correct place, everything should be fine ^^) Very sorry for this mistake. I would like to thank you a lot, for all your help again Lucky1 ! Very friendly ? See you next time ? Greetings from Belgium ?
  12. Hello again ! I've some good, and bad news... I've tried the new method this weekend. Pin2DMD Tool doesn't seem to communicate with the nucleo... (No reaction, impossible to activate...) So ... I've tried again to flash with last version (3.08 --> 3.09) AND another SDcard. Then... IT WORKS !!! Activation successfull, and full color mode forever ! I was very happy ! BUT... 48h after, I would like to play, and i've got this... I've correct splash screen before (Pin2DMD 3.09) And just after I've this blue logo, and that's it. What's happening again with this card ?? (Lots of problems with Nucleo... Everything was fine with STM32F in my Sopranos...) I hope this is not dead... I'm a little in panic by now. Thanks again for your help Lucky ? Best regards ?
  13. Hi, Yes, I've tried another MicroSD card, with no success... But maybe I will try method with USB and Pin2DMD tool. And the key file is : 68b yes ?
  14. Hello, Today I've tried the second key... But it still not activated... I've just downloaded and copied the key file on my MicroSD. No rename or anything else... Still not working ?
  15. Hello, I'm sorry to bother you again, but, I'm still having troubles with this pin... I've received activation key and installed it on MicroSD, BUT, the device would not activate... After 5-10' powered up, I've this message on screen : And I don't understand why... If I remove key or SdCard, no colors. So, the card is well readed. Tried to update Firmware 3.05 --> 3.08 No changes... Tried to rename key pin2dmd.key even PIN2DMD.KEY, still not activated... And the Device UID says : Not Activated... For the short time displays is working : I've good colors. Can you please help me one more time ? Many thanks !
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