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Desktop Vesrus Fs - Differences In Building


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As the topic states, I'm looking to see how much work it takes to make one version to the other.  I currently would have a single monitor setup so might make that my first table but want to know what it would take to make the switch later or vice versa.

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Hey Shimoda - Good to see you here.  


Not too much as long as you don't build the Desktop table with reels and stuff.  If you keep the table angle independent then it should be easy to convert to FS.

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I found these settings on the other pin site

these are supposedly for flipping a desktop pin to a FS one

but have not tested them yet with any of my desktop pins

XY rotation--270
X scale--1.48
Y scale--1.97
X offset---297
Y offset--135


okay those settings ain't working exactly like they should

I tried it on two of my pins with bad results

like the pin is off screen at the top and looking darker as well

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building in desktop is IMO easier '

then again I am sort of biased since I only play on my WS desktop monitor

and to swap the pins to FS I think it is done pin by pin

and yeah that gets boring and tedious

but I think that is the only way to swap between the two

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@unclewilly, what size for your images? I'm trying to give a go at doing some table art for itching and was wondering. I figured it would be better to start at higher resolution and reduce, or even do some work in illustrator.

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I'm vectoring the pf from Itchigo's latest table to work from.  The pen tool is nice but a pain in the butt as well.  I guess I just need more practice on these damned curves.  One thing that stinks is the low export quality from VP.  I should probably add this in a feature request thread but it would definitely be nice, since 3D relies on vectors anyway, for VP (and FP) to have vector output options for the artwork.  


Something else I've noticed (this table is in VP) is that triangular lights aren't equilateral across the whole table in the export.  I guess I'll just have to go for best guess and work from there.

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Ok, I'll go in and use one.  I have an idea for making sharper images, essentially zooming in and grabbing things.  Some parts of the table dont meet like the middle plastic overt the lower playfield and the main playfield.  No big deal though.

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I use Gimp2 which is freeware for graphics

and wavepad for sounds which also is freeware

 I own PS but can't figure out half the things in it so fall back to gimp2 most of the time

 my graphics are usually 728 by 1024 for my desktop monitor

and I also use MS paint for touchups

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